If you are passionate about vision and learning, we would love to meet with you.

Researchers and Academics

We are interested in posting research papers, funding research projects, and obtaining data sets for further analysis in our areas of interest. We are also looking to interview experts for a series of educational videos.

If you wish to share your expertise, check back soon for a link, or send us an email.

Nonprofit Organizations / Governmental Agencies

If you are working to improve children’s vision or to address vision issues in schools, we welcome opportunities to learn what you are doing and to discuss how we can work together.

For those interested in becoming even more involved, check back soon for a link to apply for a position on our advisory board, or send us an email.

Educators / Parents / Parental Guardians

If you are interested in sharing your experience and needs with us, please consider applying for a position on our advisory board once we have opened the application process, or send us an email.